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Progenex "Elevate Program"

The ELEVATE PROGRAM is built to give you more of everything your muscles need to produce the greatest response for developing your strength.  

Progenex BUILD, Ignition Blend
Not all carbs are created equal! BUILD is made of two natural carbohydrate sources – honey and sweet potato powder. Honey is a simple sugar that will be delivered quickly into the muscle by the peptides, while Sweet potato powder contains long chain carbohydrate polymers for sustained energy.
Two energy sources for an optimal glycemic index throughout your workout.

Specifically formulated for maximum uptake and rapid absorption.
Unlike other creatine products, these unique creatine peptides are tasteless and mix well with other solutions.  No grainy texture, no bitter taste, just high quality creatine monohydrate in peptide form. Mix with your favourite PROGENEX protein shake, for rapid and real results.  

Progenex MORE MUSCLE, Belgian Chocolate
Lift More: Targets Type II muscle fibres for significant size and strength gains.
Build More: Feeds muscle, not fat. Achieve your best body composition ever!
Burn More: Up your metabolic rate so that you burn more, even after training.

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    Elevate Program


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