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Product Information - Progenex Cocoon


PROGENEX Cocoon is the ultimate night time rest and recovery supplement and combines just what your body needs for a deep, restorative and reparative sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and fully recovered. Ready to tackle stress, rise above the daily grind and tackle your most gruelling workouts.

A warm cup of PROGENEX Cocoon casein supplement before bed-time to achieve a deep, sound, restorative and reparative sleep.

PROGENEX Cocoon maximizes your body's ability to recoup while you rest. As a slow digesting protein, micellar casein stimulates protein synthesis through a sustained release of amino acids throughout the night, promoting muscle building while preventing muscle wasting. This slow, steady drip of amino acids is not only critical for protein synthesis, but is also crucial for immune system support.

PROGENEX Cocoon  not only stimulates protein synthesis, it also contains the perfect amounts of Metamorphagen™—the powerful tryptophan peptide that helps you fall asleep faster while reducing sleep interruptions and thereby ensuring a sound, restorative sleep.
Plus, the precise amount of Metamorphagen™ is specially formulated to do all this without increasing drowsiness. Enabling you to maintain peak performance levels throughout the day before wrapping you in a warm cocoon of recovery come night.



Transform--Sleep your way lean as you build and preserve muscle mass and maximize anabolic hormone production.

Relax--Sleep sooner as our proprietary tryptophan peptide Metamorphagen™ helps you fall asleep faster.

Regenerate--Recover while you rest as your muscles build and repair through a sustained release of amino acids.

Hibernate--Sleep deeper as our proprietary tryptophan peptide Metamorphagen™ lessens sleep interruptions.

Ready--Wake up feeling rested, restored, fully recovered and ready to attack your day!

Go!—Work Out Hard. Sleep Well. Recover Strong. PROGENEX Cocoon. 


Mix 2 scoops of PROGENEX Cocoon with 400 - 700ml warm / hot water in a cup or big glass. Drink in the evening before bed-time to recover through the night. Cocoon can be drunk cold but is designed to be drunk warm.



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