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Product Information - Progenex More Muscle


PROGENEX More Muscle helps increase lean muscle mass so that you lift more, build more and burn more throughout your day.

  • BURN MORE. Boost your metabolic rate, so you BURN MORE ENERGY, even after training

  • LIFT MORE. Targets Type II muscle fibres for SIGNIFICANT SIZE & STRENGTH GAINS

  • BUILD MORE. Feed muscle, not fat and achieve YOUR BEST BODY COMPOSITION EVER



When it comes to increasing energy, speeding recovery, stimulating muscle building and achieving your best body composition ever, PROGENEX More Muscle delivers MORE of everything you need!

PROGENEX More Muscle contains a full 20 percent more BCAAs and leucine than regular whey protein isolate. The precise amount of BCAAs added were carefully calibrated, as the leucine content of whole proteins is directly related to how much protein your body will integrate into muscle.  This synergistic combination cannot be replicated by simply adding extra leucine to a whey protein isolate or any other form of protein.





PROGENEX More Muscle is specifically formulated for fast and maximum uptake.

You know that protein is key to building lean muscle mass .But what you may not know is that not all proteins are created equal when it comes to building muscle. Why? Absorption, when it comes to protein molecules, size really does matter. If it didn’t any form of protein would accomplish the same goal—but it doesn’t.

The key is that it contains the highest quality whey protein isolate available that has been hydrolysed through a proprietary enzymatic process and enriched with whey growth factors.

Significantly more refined than most protein molecules, PROGENEX More Muscle gets to your blood stream and hungry muscle fibres, fast!  This speed is especially important when your muscles are experiencing a protein deficit, such as first thing in the morning or any other arduous stretches throughout your day. Take PROGENEX More Muscle during these critical times and start realizing superior strength, size and body composition gains. 



Mix 2 scoops PROGENEX More Muscle with 500 - 700ml of cold water.

Drink first thing in the morning and as a meal replacement or protein supplement throughout the day. 




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