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Do Progenex products contain any ban substances?

No, Progenex products are free from any ban substances listed by ASADA and are tested regularly as part of their production. US professional and Olympic athletes are also regularly tested and recommend Progenex.


Where are Progenex products made?

All Progenex supplement are made in the US.


When should I take each of your PROGENEX protein powder and recovery sports supplements?

PROGENEX whey protein powder and salmon supplements provide the perfect fuel for your day. Which products you choose will depend on your training program.

  • Reset your “GO” signal. Take PROGENEX Recovery whey protein powder immediately after your workout so you can hit it hard again, and again and again.
  • Lift More. Build More. Burn More. To achieve superior gains in lean muscle mass, take PROGENEX More Muscle whey protein powder first thing in the morning and as a meal replacement or supplement throughout your day.
  • Recover While You Rest by sipping a hot cup of PROGENEX Cocoon casein protein before bed-time so that you achieve a deep, sound, restorative and reparative sleep.
  • Feel the Power Surge. Drink PROGENEX Force pre workout sports supplement and experience increased energy, oxygen, strength, stamina, and mental clarity and focus.
  • Reduce Inflammation. Speed Recovery. Enhance Performance with PROGENEX Omega+, the powerful Omega 3 supplement featuring krill and calamari oil, the all-natural anti-inflammatory astaxanthin and vitamin D
  • Super Charge your System. PROGENEX Build is a honey and sweet potato carbohydrate energy source
  • THE BAR. Grab a box and keep them in your gym bag or at the office.
  • Amplitude: add to your protein shake to max your reps!


How is PROGENEX Recovery protein powder different from any other whey protein isolate?

PROGENEX Recovery is not simply a 100% WPI, or whey protein isolate. PROGENEX Recovery has been hydrolysed, or cut, using a proprietary enzymatic process that cuts the protein into tiny peptide sequences that can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This is critically important.


What makes PROGENEX More Muscle protein supplement so special?

Similar to PROGENEX Recovery, PROGENEX More Muscle is specially formulated for fast absorption. PROGENEX More Muscle is powered by Promyosin,™ a whey protein that is significantly refined, or cut, so that it can enter your bloodstream fast. PROGENEX More Muscle is also very high in BCAAs and Glutamine to aid in muscle growth and recovery.


Why is speed of absorption so important?

The faster protein is in your bloodstream, the faster it gets to your muscles, helping to produce the gains you want. It takes up to five hours for whole proteins, such as beef, chicken, or fish, to get into your bloodstream. PROGENEX Recovery and More Muscle whey protein powders is in your bloodstream in minutes.


How often can I take PROGENEX Recovery supplement?

You can take PROGENEX Recovery supplement after every training session. If you are training multiple times in one day, you can take a PROGENEX Recovery supplement shake after each session. This can be especially important if you are unable to eat alot due to training committments.


Do you recommend mixing Recovery and More Muscle together in one shake?

Some athletes do find this beneficial. You can after longer, tougher workouts but it is not necessary on a typical workout. PROGENEX Recovery is typically enough for post-workout. Trying what works for you is an important part of your program.


Do any of the PROGENEX products need to be cycled on and off?

No, These products so pure that no cycling is required. You can be comfortable in taking Progenex as part of your everyday sports diet.


Are PROGENEX products Gluten Free?

Yes, they are all gluten free.


How is Cocoon different?

Progenex Cocoon features micellar casein and our proprietary tryptophan peptide Metamorphagen™, Cocoon maximizes your body's ability to recoup while you rest.  As a slow digesting protein, micellar casein stimulates protein synthesis through a sustained release of amino acids throughout the night, promoting muscle building while preventing muscle wasting. This slow, steady drip of amino acids is not only critical for protein synthesis, but is also crucial for immune system support.


Is PROGENEX Force sports nutrition different to other pre workout drinks?

PROGENEX Force is not your every day, run of the mill, pre-workout supplement. The power of PROGENEX Force lies in its unique combination of ingredients designed to increase energy while eliminating fatigue. Creatine and 2:1:1 BCAA Peptides provide strict muscle fuel, while citrulline and beta-alanine block the various pathways of muscle fatigue by inhibiting ammonia and lactic acid production. Surge NOS Activator ™a proprietary whey peptide, enables fast and efficient delivery of nutrients through increased dilation in the arteries, fostering maximized blood flow and oxygen transport resulting in increased strength, stamina and extended VO2 max. The low-dose addition of caffeine completes the powerful blend of ingredients by boosting alertness and stimulating mental clarity and focus.


Why is Omega+ sports nutrition better?

The potency and power of Progenex Omega+ lies in the special proprietary blend of premium ingredients:  krill oil - the most potent and bioavailable source of Omega 3s on the planet, the most potent antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory – astaxanthin and we also add calamari oil and vitamin D3 which you won’t find in other Omega supplements.


What should I take on non-training days?

Take PROGENEX More Muscle first thing in the morning. You also can take another shake later in the day as a meal replacement.

PROGENEX Cocoon recovery supplement is your choice just before bed.

PROGENEX Omega+ should be taken each day.

PROGENEX Recovery supplement is best taken on workout days.

PROGENEX Build anytime you feel depleted.


Is there an ideal “wait” time before eating solid food after taking a PROGENEX Recovery protein supplement shake?

We recommend waiting approximately 15 minutes. This allows for Progenex protein powders to start to be absorbed.


I am interested in gaining muscle and losing fat. What is your suggested dosing of each of your products and when?

Two scoops of PROGENEX Recovery immediately after training. You should take two scoops of PROGENEX More Muscle first thing in the morning. You can take another PROGENEX More Muscle shake any time during the day as a meal replacement. 


I am interested in increasing my protein intake to 3.0 g/kg of desired LBM but I would need to use protein powder to get there. I am concerned with the insulin spikes that whey protein powders give off. I am also interested in losing body fat.

There is a significant additive advantage to consuming mixed carbohydrate and protein supplements immediately post-workout. Your post-workout target should be to both feed existing muscle fibres as well as stimulate satellite muscle cells (which fuel the greater proportion of muscle growth from exercise). PROGENEX More Muscle does both. Here are a couple of studies that you may be interested in:

  1. Disassociation between the effects of amino acids and insulin on signaling, ubiquitin ligases, and protein turnover in human muscle. http://ajpendo.physiology.org/content/295/3/E595.full
  2. Effect of pre-meal consumption of whey protein and its hydrolysate on food intake and post meal glycaemia and insulin responses in young adults.  http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/early/2010/02/17/ajcn.2009.28406.abstract


I am an endurance athlete. Most of my workouts are short, intense efforts, however I do have some longer, 1 ½ to 2 ½ hour, endurance training sessions. Which of your products would you recommend using as a Recovery drink for such a workout?

We only feature one Recovery formula, which would work for any of your workouts. PROGENEX Recovery is a post-training protein supplement, which means that you take it immediately after you train. It resets the cause of muscle fatigue at the cellular level, enabling you to regain the losses that you will experience due to your training regimen within minutes, instead of days, depending on the length and duration of your training session. One of our other products, More Muscle, is designed to build lean muscle, and is used in tandem with Recovery. It helps burn fat while retaining and building new lean muscle tissue. You may find PROGENEX Build sports nutrition an excellent pre-work out drink for your sessions.


Please advise the appropriate stack for fat reduction while limiting muscle wasting. I perform cardio 4x weekly 30-45 minutes (intervals) and weight train 4 days upper body/lower body splits.

Take one scoop of PROGENEX Recovery and one scoop of PROGENEX More Muscle immediately after training. Additionally, take one scoop of More Muscle first thing in the morning or as a meal replacement at any time during the day. On non-training days, take one scoop of More Muscle first thing in the morning.


Can I use PROGENEX More Muscle as a meal replacement?

Yes, however, PROGENEX More Muscle is not formulated as a meal replacement so it does not have many carbs and no fats. To get the most out of a meal replacement you might want to mix some healthy carbs (fruits) and fats (coconut oil, nut butters). This will also help keep you full enough until the next meal


Can I get PROGENEX products at a big retail store?

No. Our products are derived from premium proteins that would make them far too expensive to sell through retailers. Instead, we distribute directly to you and through our affiliates to keep costs reasonable. 


Are my online payments secure?

Yes, absolutely our checkout system uses the latest technology to protect the security of your credit card.

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