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Is it time to improve your 5Km PR?

Posted on July 18 2016

The 5km (3.1 miles) run for time. 

This length of run will show who has learnt the art of run. Who has kept their mind focussed and has kept their body relaxed….. and who has prepared themeselves as they pass the 4km mark!

This a great length for you to build your mind and body to run hard but learn how to pace yourself through longer and longer sessions.

The first km is an important one.

Obviously it is going to be the easiest one to run! Don’t get caught out. You should have a time split for the first kilometre (one that you have worked out in your training). Focus on your form so that you start the 2nd km with a nice easy relaxed momentum.

During kilometres 2, 3 and 4.

Keep your focus on your form, keep a nice long stride and your breathing consistent. The plan at this time is run even and keep a kick for the last kilometre. Pick your time to pass those in front. If they have gone out hard they are going to want to sit in-behind you. Don’t let them hear you coming.

Pass on a downhill, stretch out and keep relaxed.

The last kilometre is all about the platform you have laid.

Shorten you stride rather than lose form. Stay strong in your core, relax your shoulders and relax your face (screwing up your face will not help you run faster but will make your body tense). Don’t let the negative thoughts slip in…everyone is hurting! Use your mind and the confidence that you have prepped for a strong finish and give it all you’ve got.

Here a few of the TeamPRGNX team times from CrossFit.com.

Rob Forte – 18.50

Dan Bailey – 19.00

Chris Spealler – 19.32


Kara Webb – 20.10

Stacie Tovar – 21.45

Matt Chan – 21.58

Jason Khalipa – 23.20

Miranda Oldroyd – 23.40


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